Vindral Examples

This repository contains runnable example code for Vindral Web SDK and Vindral WebRTC Ingest SDK. The purpose is to provide a way for developers to try the SDKs without too much effort.

Check out the examples repository for Vindral native with Webview for information on how to create native iOS, Android and React Native integrations.

Read the Vindral Documentation for more information.

EmbedThe easiest way to integrate a player on any page without any js required
Embed ResponsiveJust like the above embed example but with some boilerplate to make the iframe responsive
PlayerThe bundled Vindral Player GUI
BasicThe bare minimal code to get started with the Vindral Web SDK
Custom PlayerCustom player GUI without using the bundled player
Audio-onlyUsing Vindral in audio-only mode
Player - Google IMA adsPlayer with Google IMA as an ad integration system
Cast Sender - stand-aloneUsing Vindral Cast Sender as a stand-alone module for casting to a Cast Receiver (Google Chromecast), without a Player or Vindral instance
Vanilla JS - basic example with UMDVanilla JS (UMD) basic example, without the need for a build step.
Vanilla JS - Player example with ESMVanilla JS (ESM) Vindral Player example, without the need for a build step.
WebRTC Ingest - basic exampleUsing WebRTC Ingest SDK to ingest audio and video
WebRTC Ingest - select sourcesExtended version of the basic example where camera and microphone can be selected
WebRTC Ingest - embedUsing embedded WebRTC Ingest to ingest audio and video
WebRTC Ingest - screen sharingWebRTC ingest with screen sharing and camera rendering on a canvas